Time Warner Internet for Business

Posted on: March 22nd, 2014

Time Warner Internet for Business is a serious option to consider for small to medium sized businesses. Michael Martino, general manager of Sheraton Imperial (North Carolina) explains, “downtime equals no clients, no clients is no good.”

Martino thus refers to his urgent need for keeping an active web site all the time. His customers consult rates, convince themselves by the quality of rooms and service they see depicted online, and then make reservations. Of course, to make this a reality, the web server must be continuously active.

Once in the hotel, the customers need for Internet speed remains a priority: They always request access to the web from their rooms or the hotel’s lobby. That’s why Sheraton Imperial chose Time Warner Internet Service for Business.

And what is the first thing guests do when they retire to their rooms to rest?

They turn on the TV. They watch movies and news channels. And when the time comes to get a little more romantic, they tune music channels or radio stations.

Time Warner Cable Business allows the entrepreneur to keep his customers entertained and informed with a HDTV service and a variety of music channels. Of course, not only hotels like Sheraton Imperial can benefit from corporate packages. Bars and restaurants can turn on their screens and create a comfortable environment for their clients. Medical institutions and other services, where clients or patients need to wait for a while until served, may create a pleasant atmosphere. With a simple click on the TV remote control can reduce anxiety and complaints from visitors. And where available, Latino customers can also enjoy the Time Warner Cable service in Spanish.

Cloud computing available to all business

In fact, all small and medium enterprises, regardless of their specialty, can benefit from a cable TV or Internet business package.

For example, any business can benefit from the cloud computing technology. It allows them to use the Internet to run business applications (like reservations forms), store information and access databases. On the one hand, fixed costs for software licenses are removed; on the other, hardware costs decrease.

In addition, employees no longer have to deal with software maintenance. No need to buy expensive hard disks to back up tons of data. Data protection simplifies. Backups can be scheduled to be automatically executed.

As you may have already noticed, hiring a Time Warner for Businesses package instead of the typical residential offer has countless advantages.